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Taylor is a self-proclaimed paper artist

who creates bright, whimsical illustrations out of paper!

From handmade papers from around the world,

to papers she paints herself she has always been a paper lover

and can now say she's a full time paper illustrator as well.


Taylor creates what she calls "dimensional illustrations"

by cutting up each piece of paper and carefully placing them

to create final illustrations that are framed in deep shadowboxes.


      Oh yeah, and everything's done by hand!


Living on the island of Martha's Vineyard, there is no shortage

of inspiration to be found.  With beautiful walking trails,

beaches, and grasslands it's no wonder she is deeply inspired

by nature and the magical splendor it can hold.


She currently works in her home-studio with her helper and muse Vinci ("Prince of Cats") by her side, making new paper illustrations

to the sound of the ferry coming in.


Check out her "Contact" page to see how to get and keep and touch with her yourself!

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